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“Dear Dr. Scott, Please accept this note as a gesture of deep and sincere thanks for the professional and caring manner in which you treated Bob* during his recent crisis in vision loss in his right eye. ”


“ Battleground Eye Care has been wonderful and professional. Dr. Scott is personable and friendly. He recommended, "Focus Night & Day" for me, which has been just great. The follow-up care and concern is something I've never experienced before. And the best part - my vision is actually improving after 6 months of wearing my new contacts. Thanks, Dr. Scott. ”

Daniel K.

Vision is a sense people take for granted. To take full advantage of the world you need to be able to see your surroundings. I came into Battleground Eye Care not knowing the world I live in. My vision was terrible. The expertise of Dr. Scott and the staff of Battleground Eye Care was second to none.

Barron H.

“I moved to the High Point area a few years ago from California. I had been going to the same eye doctor in L.A. for many years and was so worried about finding someone to take his place. Dr. Gordon promised he would ask his fellow doctors and friends for ‘the best’ to recommend me to. On my last appointment with him, he informed me he was sending me to Dr. Buscemi in Greensboro, NC. I was surprised since I thought I would have to drive to the Raleigh/Durham area”

Rebecca T.

“I wanted to send this letter to you to express how delighted I was when I visited your office on 10/15/2004. My visit was one of the most pleasant and professional experiences I have had in a long time when it comes to office visits.​​​​​​​”

Ron Goins, Jr.

“After 2 months of living in the US, I developed a painful eye condition that needed immediate attention. I called several eye centers in the area, but the wait was too long; however, when I phoned Battleground Eye Care, Dr. Scott saw me that morning. I left feeling reassured that I'd found an extremely competent eye specialist who takes great care with each of his patients.​​​​​​​”

Karen G.

“I am a patient of Dr. Scott. Many times I come in for my yearly exam and wonder how routine. In February 2005 my routine exam was no longer routine. The results of my visual field exam caused concern to Dr. Scott. He asked for a follow-up visit. I debated returning for this follow-up visit. You know how we think, there’s nothing wrong – my eyes are just getting older like me.”​​​​​​​

Elaine F.

“Dr. Scott is an excellent doctor and a great person. He made us feel right at home as if we were friends, and at the same time, he was the ultimate professional. Neither one of us had ever experienced such a thorough consultation and eye exam. It's comforting to know we have such a great doctor to depend on. Moreover, Dr. Scott has helped us solve a major computer problem, plus it has guided us in other important areas.​​​​​​​”​​​​​​​

Meryl and Lou S.

“Dr. Scott: I wanted to write this letter and thank you for your prompt and professional attention in my family’s recent crisis. On Friday evening, 3 March 06, my son was playing outside and injured his eye. When he came to the house we both knew that it was serious. His eye was bleeding and I knew he needed medical attention quickly. My first impulse was to go to the hospital, but then I thought of Dr. Scott."​​​​​​​

Lori F.

“I lived in Greensboro for almost nine years before I found the right eye doctor. Lemme tell you how good Dr. Scott of Battleground Eye Care is. Here's just one example.​​​​​​​"

Mike C.

“It's more than just friendly service. It's more than saying thank you with a smile, or passing our coffee/snacks while waiting. It's something you and your staff fully understand and practice every day...​​​​​​​"

Steve S.

“After struggling for over a year to find a contact lens solution to my corneal problems — Dr. Scott was able to successfully fit me with the new Synergeyes lens. Complications that developed after my refractive surgery 10 years ago led to a condition in my right eye called corneal ectasia.​​​​"

Todd H.

“Greetings Dr. Scott. I wanted to drop you a note thanking you and everyone at Battleground Eye Care for the exceptional level of service/patient care you have provided me over the years. You and your team have bent over backward to ensure my problematic vision was clear while I was in Egypt for 14+ years.​​​​"

James P.

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