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Suffering From Keratoconus?

Do you have keratoconus, Pellucid Marginal Degeneration, corneal scars, poor results from LASIK or other refractive surgery or irregular astigmatism?

These are all conditions that usually cannot be successfully treated with traditional glasses or soft contact lenses.  In the past, the only treatment was small, hard or gas-permeable lenses that were often uncomfortable.  Fortunately, we now have much more comfortable lenses that provide substantially improved vision.

Our favorite lens to fit is a full or semi-scleral, particularly a lens from Essilor named Jupiter.  When fit and cared for properly, the lens can offer excellent all-day comfort.  It is not unusual for a patient to get 12-14 hours of wear time, sometimes more.  

Coming very soon is a new Jupiter that will not only correct distance vision but has a multi-focal option for those over 40 years of age who would typically need reading glasses.  

Another lens that works very well and has a multifocal option is the hybrid lens from Synergeyes.  Hybrid means that it is a hard lens for great optics with a soft skirt for better comfort.  The newest is called Duet HD.  This lens isn’t just for the irregular corneas but also for patients unable to achieve good vision from soft lenses but can’t tolerate standard gas permeable lenses.

Finally, you may think you need to go to a far off city or university for this highly specialized treatment.  While we are lucky to have hospitals like Duke, UNC, Wake Forest in our back yard, treatment at these teaching facilities can be very long and have significantly higher costs.  

Dr. Jon Scott at Battleground Eye Carehas been fitting these lenses for over ten years with great success.  We are conveniently located in NW Greensboro with easy access to I-40 and I-85.  Click here for a map and directions.

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