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Digital Screen Protection for the Eyes

These days, most of our time is spent in front of a digital screen. It could be a phone, a tablet, digital TV, or a computer screen. With the amount of time spent staring at a screen, it’s paramount that you protect your eyes from digital eye strain, blurred vision, and other ailments such as computer vision syndrome.


Why Do You Experience Discomfort from Staring at a Screen?


As much as continuous exposure to screens has no permanent effects on your eyes, it can cause discomfort. Here are two reasons why you may experience eye irritation.


One of the reasons is eyestrain. Staring at a bright light source, such as a computer, for long hours can make you feel uncomfortable. This is mainly if you have cataracts. Every time you strain your eyes without eyeglasses prescribed by a doctor, you risk having headaches, red eyes, and, in the long term, blurred vision.


The second reason is dry eyes as a result of not blinking. When you stare at a screen, for example, a TV, you may get so involved to the point you forget to blink. Blinking is necessary for your eyes to reproduce the tear film required to protect the surface of your eyes. So, if you don’t blink, your eyes dry up, causing discomfort and blurred vision.




The best solution would be to stop staring at screens for long hours. But, that’s next to impossible given that most people have to use computers and smartphones throughout the day as part of their job. So, the only solution is to use eyeglasses given by your optometrist or adjust your screen settings.


Here are some tips to reduce digital eye strain:


Eye Exercises


Simple eye exercises such as taking breaks from your screen and regularly blinking can be of great help. Every time you blink, you moisten the eyes and thus prevent them from drying. Also, train yourself to take breaks from the screen, even if for just 20 minutes. That way, you avoid straining too much.


Wear Computer Glasses


Wearing computer glasses might seem a bit obvious, but you’ll find that most people hardly wear their prescribed eyeglasses for one reason or another. It is very crucial to wear your glasses, especially if your optometrist recommended them to you.


Eyeglasses help reduce the amount of work your eyes have to do. So be sure to wear them and update your prescription to avoid straining. If need be, your optometrist can also add an anti-glare coating on the lenses to reduce the amount of light getting to your eyes.


Adjust Your Computer Settings and Glare


Adjust your digital screen brightness to the same brightness level in your surroundings. Also, if the text is too small for your eyes, zoom in to reduce straining. Additionally, you can tilt your computer screen in such a way that the light does not reflect straight into your eyes. That reduces the amount of glare coming from your screen, which is essential in reducing eye strain and blurred visions.


Learn more about digital screen protection for your eyes, contact Battleground Eye Care in Greensboro, NC at (336) 564-6800 to book an appointment.

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