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Candidates for Scleral Lenses

Innovations in the world of eyecare are making scleral lenses more dynamic. According to the National Eye Institute, more scleral lens choices are now available. The majority of gas permeable (GP) lens companies are currently offering at least one design option. People who need scleral lenses usually have eye conditions or refractive errors. If you want to know if you are a good candidate for scleral lenses, here’s what you need to know.


For Refractive Errors


Eye experts recommend scleral lenses if you are experiencing the following:

  • Dry eye syndrome. You should wear scleral lenses if you have dry eye syndrome with a refractive error. These lenses do not lose moisture, making them more comfortable to wear than soft contact lenses. Scleral lenses can hold liquid, which keeps on lubricating the eye surface. If you have been unsuccessful in using hybrid, soft, or corneal GP contacts, scleral lenses can benefit you most.

  • Astigmatism. Although they can mask corneal astigmatism, corneal GP lenses are unstable for patients who have astigmatism that has an extremely steep meridian. Those who use soft lenses experience fluctuation in their vision. You are a good candidate for scleral lenses if you have moderate to a severe case of astigmatism and you didn’t see very well when you used GP or soft contacts. The liquid under scleral lenses can mask astigmatism. Scleral lenses are stable because they have a semi-sealed fit and a large diameter. Your eye specialist needs to conduct a spherocylindrical over-refraction during your fitting session and follow-up checkup.

  • GP burnout. If you’re wearing corneal GP lenses, your vision may be sharp, but you may also be experiencing lens expulsion or decentration. This is a constant issue if you engage in sports. You may also have trapped debris underneath your corneal GP lenses that cause irritation. If you want to stop the discomfort, then you should change your lenses to scleral contacts. Because scleral lenses rest on your sclera, they are stable. They do not change positions when you blink. The semi-sealed feature of scleral lenses also blocks all foreign bodies that try to enter underneath them.


For Medical Needs


You are a good candidate for wearing scleral lenses if you have the following eye conditions:

  • Ocular surface disease. Scleral lenses can manage your ocular surface disease. This eye issue is common in patients who have Steven-Johnson syndrome, Sjögren’s, syndrome, and Graft-versus-host disease. Scleral contacts provide a soft, liquid pillow that serves as a fluid bandage for your anterior eye surface.

  • Irregular cornea. Surgical complications, keratoconus, or trauma result in corneal irregularities. If you have attempted to use corneal GP lenses to treat your irregular cornea and the process failed, then you can be a candidate for scleral lenses.


These eye disorders can help determine if you are a good candidate for using scleral lenses. At Battleground Eyecare, we can assist you in your smooth transition into using scleral lenses. Please visit our clinic in Greensboro, North Carolina, for a one-on-one consultation. You are also welcome to call us at 336-564-6800 if you want to set an appointment or make inquiries about our collection of scleral lenses.

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